(2023) Annual Crossroads Volunteer Application

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Policies for All Workers

Each Worker:

1. Must know that they have accepted Christ as their personal Savior.

2. Must be a member who is faithful in their attendance and giving at Crossroads Baptist Church.

4. Must ask the Lord to enable them to do His work and His will.

5. Must strive to live as an example of godly living, free from practicing any sinful or questionable lifestyle.

6. Must be approved for their position by church staff.

7. Must be willing to follow leadership and support the process & programs of CBC.

8. Must be faithful & punctual in their place of service each week.

9. Must be willing to work to build the ministry they are involved in.

10. Must be willing to follow the Crossroads Baptist Church recommended dress for all services/activities, presenting themselves with modesty and identity.

11. Must not recruit other workers without the approval of the ministry leader.

12. Must serve with a spirit of cooperation and a desire to maintain the unity of the church.

Our goal is that volunteers present a testimony that will lift up Christ and encourage others to do the same.
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If you will be working with or aroundĀ minors in any way, you must watch or have attended thisĀ "Children's Ministry Policy Meeting". This includes, but is not limited to all kids and teen class workers, security, transportation ministry and food service minstries.
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All volunteers 18 and over must submit a background check

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